Step into the vibrant atmosphere of the 2024 Working Group (WG) Assembly of NERO, where minds converged in the heart of Athens, Greece, at Impact Hub Athens. From Wednesday 3 April to Thursday 4 April 2024, this event ignited a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights among researchers and practitioners, all dedicated to tackling the challenges of wildfires and extreme fire behavior.

At the core of the NERO WG Assembly was a commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation. Participants were invited to engage in lively discussions, share valuable feedback, and cultivate partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries and break down existing silos.

Throughout the assembly, the program unfolded to address a spectrum of diverse topics. From crafting compelling storytelling templates to charting a roadmap for data collation, each WG delved into practical strategies and actionable insights.

Moreover, the assembly sparked initiatives aimed at bridging the gap between research and practice, with a strategic focus on enhancing collaboration and engagement. Participants discussed preparation of fire brief templates and outlined strategies to link NERO to relevant international projects and initiatives.

The 2024 NERO WG Assembly wasn’t just a meeting—it was a catalyst for progress and a testament to the power of collective action. As we reflect on the discussions and outcomes, we’re inspired by the potential for meaningful change and look forward to the continued evolution of the NERO network.

The meeting minutes of the 2024 NERO WG Assembly and the files of the presentations given are publicly available through the Resources section of our website.


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Action Details

Action Chair: Dr. Theodore M. Giannaros
Action Vice Chair: Dr. Akli Benali
Start Date: 17 October 2024
End date: 16 October 2027
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