Fire Spread Data

Since the Athens meeting, our team has been hard at work addressing the most pressing questions that emerged from our discussions. The topic that received significant attention was the data necessary for describing fire spread. We delved deep into what we need, what we aim to acquire, and have distilled our findings into a simplified description.

We’re thrilled to unveil the result of our efforts: a concise leaflet summarizing the visual of fire spread data that will be utilized in NERO. This resource aims to demystify the complexities surrounding fire spread data and provide a clear understanding of the data we’re gathering and how it will be utilized.

In this leaflet, you’ll find the answers to the folowing questions:

  • What is fire behavior?
  • What data are necessary to characterize fire behavior?
  • How will fire behavior data be used in NERO?

We invite you to explore the leaflet and discover how you can contribute to our mission of advancing our understanding of fire spread and its impacts.

Stay tuned for more updates from NERO as we continue our journey towards safer and more resilient communities in the face of wildfire.


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Action Details

Action Chair: Dr. Theodore M. Giannaros
Action Vice Chair: Dr. Akli Benali
Start Date: 17 October 2024
End date: 16 October 2027
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